Cosmopolitan and free spirit with a sense of color harmony, wellness shapes and materials. The designer Mel Weisweiler found by your new product and marketing concept of "Love Plates" as well as through its holistic product concept "Leonardeau" for Leonardo international recognition. She developed Home Collections et al for Hugo Boss, Esprit Asia and Europe and stands for emotional lifestyle worlds and visionary creative concepts of international brands.

The Badteppich highlights from "Cosmogonie" the reason by Mel Weisweiler Premium Collection in turn connect the colorful opulence of the Orient with stylistic purism to high-tufted carpets in new formats. They tell of hidden treasures, powerful symbols of the center in pursuit of perfect union. The deployment of an inner being is the central message in Mel's creations.

"Mel was introduced to me at the show and the spark immediately jumped over." Jiri Grund

Mel Weisweiler

Soft colors in intricately worked pattern reminiscent of oriental pomp. The collection is inspired by ancient symbols made no secret of unity and oriental patterns. The result is a stylistic purity and unique shapes.